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When Garbo Talks World Premiere



Book & Lyrics by Buddy Kaye
Music by Mort Garson

Additional Book by Richard D. Kaye
Developed for Stage in Association with Director Jules Aaron


The musical (8 in the cast) is set against the vaudeville days of the 1920's and the transition of silent movies into talking pictures. Greta Gustafsson (GARBO) 17-years-old, is discovered by Sweden’s genius film director, Mauritz Stiller, who uses her talent to angle his way into Hollywood, a “little bitty city” soon
to become the film capital of the world.

While attending a film festival in Berlin, MGM’s Louis B. Mayer is maneuvered by Stiller to a screening of
“The Story of Gosta Berling” where Mayer immediately recognizes the star quality of GARBO. Knowing that GARBO would never sign to MGM without her mentor, the sly-crafty Mayer makes a grand pitch for Stiller’s directorial services.  But Mayer has no intention of using Stiller. He wants GARBO!

GARBO and Stiller set sail to New York en route to Hollywood and finally arrive at MGM studios, where the lion roars and “Mayer” rules... until the transformed European actress captivates American film audiences.

Hearts break, and careers plummet, when the emboldened 24-year-old GRETA GARBO challenges L.B. Mayer and the Hollywood establishment to become MGM’s highest paid actress and most reluctant international star.


*A lighthearted and tuneful look at the luminous young woman who won the hearts of moviegoers worldwide... “WHEN GARBO TALKS!” will win your heart too… Don’t miss the October 15, 2010 World Premiere at ICT - Long Beach Performing Arts Center.

*Featuring an original (20 song) score, in the “Broadway” tradition, by world-renowned songwriters:

Buddy Kaye (and Mort Garson) whose hit songs included; “A – You’re Adorable,” “Till The End of Time,”
“Full Moon and Empty Arms,” “I’ll Close My Eyes” (and “Our Day Will Come”)


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